THCa Diamonds

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Diamonds! THC-A diamonds to be exact. Referred to as “the world’s strongest hash” this crystalized extract is gaining some serious traction as the most potent dab on the market. At more than 99 percent pure THC-A, these ultra-processed little gems can range from small grains to gravel-sized pieces, and they’re definitely for experienced smokers only.

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  • FREE shipping for orders of $150 or more.
  • Packages will be shipped based on the time when payment is received NOT when order is placed.
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THC-A (Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid)  is one the most prominent cannabinoids found within the trichomes of living cannabis plants. Both THCA and CBDA are precursors to their pharmacologically active, commonly consumed analogues, THC and CBD. As a living cannabis plant cycles through the final stages of senescence, these unstable cannabinoid precursors slowly decarboxylate and become active. Once a plant is harvested and dried, various forms of heat application can also decarboxylate cannabinoids into their active compounds.

Crystalline cannabinoids work well for oral ingestion as they can be prepared into foods and even portioned into pills or capsules. Because these cannabinoids are so pure, they are easy to dose.

Those who wish to rapidly activate their crystalline cannabinoids often do so through vaporization and dabbing. By dabbing or vaporizing THCA crystalline, decarboxylation occurs near instantaneously, breaking down the inactive, acidic cannabinoid into THC. CBDA crystalline may be vaporized and dabbed as well, although activated CBD is not intoxicating. However, it can still be used to harness medical benefits and temper the intoxicating effects of THC.

Crystalline THCA and CBDA have very little to offer in flavor, which is why many producers enhance these pure extracts with additional terpene blends. The combination of terpenes and cannabinoids can provide a more robust experience, not only by adding flavor, but also through more nuanced effects

Each order contains 1g of concentrate.

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7 reviews for THCa Diamonds

  1. Mic56 (verified owner)

    I use this to take my dabs up a notch every once in a while. Just a little powder stuck to the rosin and pow.

  2. Jesee (verified owner)

    This stuff is fire?? feel like the first time I got high when I use this…. must try well worth the price… amazing for PAIN I mean amazing

  3. Tyler Huus (verified owner)

    Wow hats off to you guys awesome this kicks you in the butt ??

  4. Astro (verified owner)

    this stuff strong this is how you get a good night sleep

  5. Bailey Green (verified owner)

    Yep, this definitely give my bong tips a nice kick, I’m pretty used to toking up at least three times a day, and this still rips through my tolerance just by adding little chunks of it to my bowl. Gonna try a few hits of it off the rig, bet it’ll be killer, definitely didn’t regret getting this concentrate especially at its discounted price.

  6. Kingcanadian902 (verified owner)

    Few dabs of this and was baked real nice buzz , would order again 5/5

  7. Arloroda (verified owner)

    Love this stuff.
    I don’t do dabs…. soooo … … if you were around in the 80s you can see how I say smoking this on top of a bowl brings be back to a younger time…..
    nice strong buzz

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