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Northern Lights (AAA)
Northern Lights (AAA) November 15, 2019

Very earthy and heavy sedating indica.
Glipglop137 - avatar Glipglop137
Walter White | Live Resin
Walter White | Live Resin November 15, 2019

This has a very sophisticated blend of trichome, delicious and high THC. Great value.
Mo Hirt - avatar Mo Hirt
Amnesia Haze (AAA)
Amnesia Haze (AAA) November 12, 2019

Light smoke, great smell and good energetic high.
Glipglop137 - avatar Glipglop137

Great quality. Awesome high!
Jeremy Miller - avatar Jeremy Miller
Pink Kush (AAA)
Pink Kush (AAA) November 8, 2019

Nice and earthy smell, soft on the throat with a great high
Glipglop137 - avatar Glipglop137

Delicious buds, smooth tokes and a wonderful stench.
Glipglop137 - avatar Glipglop137
Green Crack (AAA)
Green Crack (AAA) November 6, 2019

I find this strain to be good, if you have plans to get some work done. Doesn't mess with my focus, and helps me with a boost of energy. Love it even if the name is odd. At least it is hard to forget.
Abby - avatar Abby
Agent Orange (AAAA)
Agent Orange (AAAA) November 6, 2019

Fantastic choice! Smooth tokes with a light hint of orange.
Glipglop137 - avatar Glipglop137
White Widow (AAAA)
White Widow (AAAA) November 6, 2019

Fantastic product smooth smoking, great taste and a nice long energetic high.
Glipglop137 - avatar Glipglop137
Grape Ape (AAA)
Grape Ape (AAA) November 6, 2019

Good quality and smells like it’s supposed to, it’s a bit harsh to smoke constantly. I recommend pairing it with something to alternate.
Glipglop137 - avatar Glipglop137


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