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Golden Goat (AAA+)
Golden Goat (AAA+) August 6, 2020

Large tight bud, smells and tastes great.
Would buy again
haynescaitlin - avatar haynescaitlin

Very satisfied. Great quality selection and price.
Joshua Thompson - avatar Joshua Thompson
MK Ultra (AAA)
MK Ultra (AAA) July 30, 2020

Dang shes danky when you open the bag lol sticky stuff strong buzz 5/5
Kingcanadian902 - avatar Kingcanadian902
Platinum OG (AAA)
Platinum OG (AAA) July 28, 2020

Was a good bag of green.
sickofkids - avatar sickofkids
OG Shark (AAA)
OG Shark (AAA) July 28, 2020

Good strain . real earthy and dank aroma . like Bailey said high creeps up on you 5/5 higj
Kingcanadian902 - avatar Kingcanadian902
Platinum OG (AAA)
Platinum OG (AAA) July 27, 2020

I found this one week all around, no sleep with this one lol
Shayn Fleming - avatar Shayn Fleming
Strawberry Cough (AAA)
Strawberry Cough (AAA) July 26, 2020

Decent strain, got it during a flash sale. Good high, full of seeds though
Nina - avatar Nina
White Castle (AAA)
White Castle (AAA) July 25, 2020

This was an amazing strain! Big fluffy buds with great taste and high!
haynescaitlin - avatar haynescaitlin
Platinum OG (AAA)
Platinum OG (AAA) July 25, 2020

Definitely a bed time bud, if you’re not couch locked and already sleeping. I personally don’t like the smell.
Glipglop137 - avatar Glipglop137
Animal Cookies (AAA+)
Animal Cookies (AAA+) July 25, 2020

This strain hits hard, tastes great and looks amazing. One of my top favourite strains.
Glipglop137 - avatar Glipglop137