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Original Glue (AAA)
Original Glue (AAA) May 25, 2020

Goes right to your face and was very relaxing. Perfect to binge watch something and off to bed.
Jaybozz - avatar Jaybozz
Khalifa Kush (AA)
Khalifa Kush (AA) May 23, 2020

Great taste, great productive high. 👍 Will order again.
octanebox - avatar octanebox

The Rootbeer was really tasted like Rootbeer.
Geba4322 - avatar Geba4322

good good smoke right here. mix this with the AK, make a little salad .... knock you on your tush kinda salad.
Arloroda - avatar Arloroda
Cherry Pie (AAA)
Cherry Pie (AAA) May 20, 2020

horrible.... nough said
Arloroda - avatar Arloroda
Mercedes | Hash
Mercedes | Hash May 20, 2020

good stuff. happy to be able to smoke hash again. its been too long.
Arloroda - avatar Arloroda

meh, .....dare i say... over ratted. tasty yes. smooth...sure... mild high... meh.
Arloroda - avatar Arloroda

tasty, sorta.... actually kinda not tasty... wait.... nawh their okay ill have another.

those were my thoughts while eatting.
Arloroda - avatar Arloroda
AK-47 (AAA)
AK-47 (AAA) May 20, 2020

good smoke. smooth, relaxing. normally don't buy more than a half, due to getting sick of the same smoke.......however with this, i make an exception.
Arloroda - avatar Arloroda

Taste juste like a real one but with a big kick bonus
Anthony Roch - avatar Anthony Roch