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Bubba Kush (AAA+)
Bubba Kush (AAA+) June 14, 2019

This stuff is really nice. Glad I got some before it ran out. Big buds, nice kush taste.
anlab82 - avatar anlab82
Afghan Kush (AAA)
Afghan Kush (AAA) June 14, 2019

Not bad, not great. Has a herbal/spicy flavour profile I find, which is not listed on Leafly. Doesn't have much of that classic Kush taste or smell. Decent effect, wouldn't say it is overpowering. A decent indica.
anlab82 - avatar anlab82

Wow ? said the buck toothed emoji. This is definitely Liquid Gold ?. Amazing product but be careful this is not for the faint of heart. This will knock you on your ass plain and simple. 2000mg in that little 30ml bottle ????? I hope you ain’t doing anything if ya eat an eye dropper or two or three ???. The price on this product is awesome compared to other brands and sites. Seriously be careful with this product especially if you have never tried it. Tastes terrible but this is bang on for a tincture. Ya definitely know you ate some goodness the second you try this madness by Liquid Gold. Thanks TOTS you make the world a better place day by day! ?
RawCheese - avatar RawCheese

I cannot thank you enough for supplying this product at an even better price. My mother has been in need of something like this for a very long time and I finally convinced her to take Liquid Gold CBD 1000mg tincture. She broke her upper left arm years ago and still has pain from it and she gets pain relief from this tincture which I find amazing. Other health problems have drastically been reduced and she is only consuming 1/4 of an eye dropper every 24 hours. When I found this product online I wanted it immediately and the site I first went to gave me nothing but problems setting up an account to simply purchase this tincture and at the same price. Let’s just say they failed miserably and TOTS helped me without hesitation. Definite 5 stars and I wish it could be 10. Anyone considering getting this product do not hesitate and order 2 ?. Thanks ?
Cody - avatar Cody
Pink Kush (AAA)
Pink Kush (AAA) June 12, 2019

Prob my favourite. Very tasty and awesome high. A++++
sibbz_13 - avatar sibbz_13

Enjoyed this particular strain. Gave a heavy high without putting me to sleep. Beautiful big buds with lots of purple. Definitely will but again.
sibbz_13 - avatar sibbz_13
God Bud (AA)
God Bud (AA) June 11, 2019

Great product very sticky
Tmullins1994 - avatar Tmullins1994

By far my favourite! Smooth but hits you very nice, great smoke!
Steven - avatar Steven

Great product, professional packaging. Hits great. Very enjoyable and discrete.
octanebox - avatar octanebox
Platinum OG | Shatter
Platinum OG | Shatter June 7, 2019

It works... Lol. Nice taste. Now I'm no expert with dabs, but it was a pleasant experience so I call that a win.
octanebox - avatar octanebox